About Us & Our Soy Wax Candles

About Our Candles and Soy Wax Products

All of our products are made with 100% natural soy wax.  This means these products are non-toxic, vegan, ecofriendly and burn cleaner, which is better for you and the environment.  

In addition to a cleaner burning, soy wax candles burn 40% – 70% longer than regular candles, which means you get to enjoy our products for a longer period of time!

Our Vision

Be trustworthy and innovative, providing genuine organic True vegan and always using the finest soy wax. We made products and solutions for a better and healthy living.

Our Commitment

Bogo’s Crafts is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, through the highest quality organic and plant based products. That’s why every part of the candle is eco-friendly, from the reusable glass jar to the plant based soy wax and organic essential oils. Everything is naturally sourced, meaning they turn to 100% organic coconut, and non-GMO soy wax with no pesticides or herbicides used at any stage in its cultivation. Their 100% unbleached cotton wide-wick provides a clean, pure, and long-lasting burn.

Every Candle is Unique!

Every moment of these candles is special; from when you first light it, all the way to what happens after your candle burns down. All candles are individually hand poured into recyclable and reusable glass jars, so you can enjoy your moment for years after the candle disappears!

Our History

Bogoscraft’s is a family owned and operated company, started by husband and wife team Daniela and Gustavo Bogo, with help from our three kids Antonella, Alicia and Alejandro. The idea came about in late 2016 when our daughter Antonella was looking in to candle making as a summer hobby,  this was the time when we realized that many of the candle making products out there were not good for us and the environment and these items did not align themselves with our way of life. After researching for alternative products we began a mission to create a better handcrafted natural candle by searching for the best available soy wax base and natural fragrances.


We have found the best ingredients.

We set out and traveled to multiple manufacturers in the US and Mexico and found the best available products for our handmade candles. 


We have optimized our formula.

In the process of creating the perfect balance for our candles: a fragrant, stably-burning, long lasting 100% natural product. After the great reviews from family, friends and strangers alike.

We officially launched our line of handmade candles in January of 2017.


We have created more products!

We added our own“ Viva Mexico” candle collection and have since enjoyed spreading the love for candles and Mexican crafts everywhere we go.